Wednesday, January 16, 2013

How to start a new project in Visual Studio 2012

How to start a "New Project" in Visual Studio 2012
1. Click 'File'
2. Click 'New Project' [SHORTCUT (Ctrl + Shift + N)]
3. On the left hand side of the pop-up you will see a list of different 'Templates', select 'Visual C++'
4. Select 'Win32 Console Application'


6. Unselect 'Create a directory for solution'
|_-> Select a save point (The location you will save this semesters work)

7. Check mark 'Empty State' to start a fresh file
- Once the project has loaded, look over to the right of the screen in the pane that says 'Solution Explorer'
8. Go down to 'Source Files', right click, add new item.
9. Name the source file, example: 'name.c', 'whatEver.cpp'

And there you go!!!!

p.s. if anyone has any suggestions or w.e. just comment or msg me....